Process Posts

  • Process Post #7: Time to build our literacies… ASAP

    I remember discovering the worlds of YouTube, vloggers, and social media influencers all the way back in middle school. At the time, the internet seemed harmless. To me, it was a space for people like influencers to have fun and a space for viewers like me to be entertained. Little did I know that there…

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  • Process Post #6: A print to web story

    It is crazy to think about how far the ‘webpage’ has come. As Erin Kissane (2013) notes, much of the designs that we find on our computers and on websites are based on and borrowed from print work. From print to the web If you look behinds the scenes into a webpage created on WordPress…

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  • Process Post #5: My website, my digital garden

    Two A.M. Thoughts is for me to enjoy. Don’t worry, it’ll be here for you too, but this is my space to build for me and my thoughts. Digital gardens Tanya Basu’s (2020) article for MIT Technology Review discussed this idea of the “digital garden”—the reimagination of your typical blog into a creation of your…

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