Process Posts

  • Process Post #12: Questions, comments, concerns? How about a comment?

    Comments. You can find or hear them almost anywhere. Under your posts on Instagram; under that YouTube video you watched a couple days ago; from the hairstylist you see every few months; or behind your back and you may not even know. Now those are just comments in general, but I’m here to look at…

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  • Process Post #11: Two A.M. Thoughts takes on social media?

    Transmedia storytelling is a “process” as Henry Jenkins (as cited in, 2013) would call it. It’s a process in which elements of content—in his example, a fiction—are spread across a variety of channels and platforms. The goal? To create a “coordinated” experience for the audience. This process works beyond storytelling as well. For instance,…

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  • Process Post #10: SEO 101: The basics

    SEO is one of those fancy-sounding acronyms I keep hearing about, but I don’t know much about what it is. Yes, I know it stans for search engine optimization… but what does that mean? Well, I’m going to find out. What is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a means of understanding and…

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