Setting my priorities straight… but not right now

It’s 2:08 AM… Who would have guessed? It is crazy (and yet still predictable) how many things I find myself doing instead of what needs to be done.

Priorities? I have none.

Okay, well that’s not all true… I just have different priorities.

I’ve sat here for the past two hours ready to write, and two hours later, I still don’t have any words on the page. This post is making up for that wasted time.

Would I call it wasted time though? I guess I’d have to say that I’ve been a little harsh. In all fairness, cleaning up my phone storage is not not being productive; it’s just being productive with a different priority in mind. And so, why not just spill everything I’ve done in the past two hours? This will give me a good reason to write.

1 — Scrolling through Pinterest

A peek at my current Pinterest feed

Pinterest is one of my go-to apps for when I have nothing better to do, and its endless-scrollability is the reason why. As soon as I open the app, I see everything that I want to see—aesthetic travel photos, interior design ideas, fashion inspiration, food, and the list goes on. I could spend hours upon hours just scrolling to see if something new catches my attention. It’s bad. The worst part is that I scroll through all these Pins and save the ones that catch my eye, and I never refer back to them in the end. They just sit in my Boards. One of these days, I need to actually go through each Board and clear them up, but that is for another day.

2 — Exploring my Spotify playlists

Spotify’s R&B Mix / Made for ashley

Spotify is up there with Pinterest… but probably worse. The number of hours I’ve spent in the past day, the past week, the past year exploring my Spotify playlists is NOT healthy. I always have music playing in the background of my day whether it be when I’m making lunch or cleaning my room or doing my work. However, I’d have to admit that I’m most consumed by my need to create the perfect playlists (even though there is no such thing as ‘perfect’). If I hear a song that sounds like a summer day, it goes into a playlist. If I hear a something that takes me back to my childhood, it goes into a playlist. Feels like driving in the middle of the night? Playlist. I think you get the point.

3 — Sifting my camera roll for the fifth time tonight

A handful of the favourited photos in my camera roll

I saw that little red notification bubble pop up on the corner of my Settings app—that bubble that telling me that something’s wrong with my phone. If I had to take a wild guess, it was that I’m running out of storage on my phone, and I was right (*ugh*). As always, it’s my photos taking up the most storage when it doesn’t have to, but what should I expect when I have a hundred-too-many Tuesday sunsets and ocean views sitting in my phone?  

4 — Cleaning my room

To say I spent my time cleaning my room is a bit of an exaggeration. By ‘clean my room,’ I mean that I cleared the path from my bedroom door to my bed and my desk. I shoved everything into a pile in the corner of my room, and I’m not going to look back on it till summer comes around.

5 — Contemplating my plans for tomorrow (or technically, later today)

My To-Do List

What time do I plan to wake up tomorrow morning? What time will I actually wake up? And how many hours will I have left in the day to actually get some work done? Honestly, these are the same three questions I ask myself every single day with high hopes of being the most productive I’ll ever be. But me being me, I don’t fall asleep till two or three in the morning, and so I don’t get up till noon. By the time I get up and get ready for the day, it’s already time to wind down. How convenient.

6 — Manicuring my nails

I don’t know if I can call this ‘manicuring my nails,’ but I essentially painted them and then rubbed everything off with a cotton ball and some nail polish remover when I was done. What a great way to waste my time and my nail polish, but I have my reasons.

Way back in grade school, I was obsessed with painting my nails; I couldn’t go a day without polish on my fingers. Over the years, I got lazy, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it any less today. The art of painting my nails is the fun part—the colours are everything and it’s just relaxing. The not-so-fun part is waiting for them to dry and using every ounce of my effort to not smudge them. That’s why I’ve learned to simply give up after the fun part. Makes everything so much easier.  

Believe me, there are so many more things to add to this list, but I am too tired to bother. That’s another post for another day. I will say though, this is nothing new for me. Let’s hope I find more interesting things to do in my ‘wasted time’ before the end of this term. If you have any ‘let’s-waste-time’ activity recommendations, leave me a comment below!






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