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Something about music can just take you back in time. Those days in high school, that one summer two years ago, those songs on the radio during car rides home… 

I’ve just spent the past 3 hours listening to a playlist of songs I remember listening to when I was in high school. And all of a sudden, it’s like I’m back in that era. 

So, in honour of that time capsule of a playlist, here are 9 songs that never fail to bring me back in time. 

Closer by The Chainsmokers and Halsey

Closer was that song that was so overplayed everywhere you went. Everyone knew the words (and probably still remembers the words today) line for line, and it screamed ‘Summer of 2016’. 

Shake It by Metro Station

Shake It was that song my friends would dance to in the Arts wing hallway during our first block lunch break. I personally had no energy or courage to dance around in public this early in the morning. Still, this song brings back good memories.

Mercy by Shawn Mendes

Mercy was the one Shawn Mendes song that everyone and their dog couldn’t stop listening to… and I never understood why. Fast-forward to today, and it’s one of my favourites of his. 

Kids by OneRepublic 

Kids was that song I vividly remember hearing for the first time. It was a sunny afternoon in the spring or summer, and I was cleaning my room. It was the first song from OneRepublic I had heard since their album, Native. Even though I was still in high school, it sure made me feel like I was reminiscing about being a kid. 

The Veldt by deadmau5 and Chris James

The Veldt was a song I remember hearing on the radio as a kid all the time. It wasn’t until my grade nine English class when I found out what this song was and the inspiration behind it. It leaves me daydreaming and unsettled all at the same time. 

Walking On A Dream by Empire of the Sun

Walking On A Dream <> was one of the only songs—aside from Take Me Home, Country Roads—I remember us queueing up in our grade 11 digital media class. It was a student’s favourite song of all time, and I never forgot it ever since then. Something about it gives  summer road trip, film camera, and friends. 

Not Going Home by DVBBS, CMC$, and Gia Koka

Speaking of summer road trip, Not Going Home was my go-to summer song at the time (and it’s still on my summertime playlist today). It reminded me of good old family road tripping, sticking your head out the car window, and riding toward the sunset on the beach… and now I’m in the summer travel mood. 

No Lie by Sean Paul and Due Lipa

No Lie was featured in Baywatch—the movie from 2017, not the TV series from 1989—and this was the movie my friends and I laughed our heads off to one morning in the gym hallway during our block off. Every time I hear this song, I think back to that moment without a doubt. 

Toosie Slide by Drake 

Lastly, Toosie Slide was the first song I remember had dropped after we went into lockdown. Online school was the new normal and we were in for a memorable ride. It’s how many years later now? And we’re still on that ride. 

There are so many more songs I could go on about, but that’ll be for me to reminisce about later. 

Even if it is just high school or that one summer two years ago, I can’t wait to listen to these playlists of mine years from now. The memories will flood back in no time.

If you’re someone who has attachments like these to songs from the past, then this is your sign to throw them on a playlist and play them back for some good memories. You won’t regret it. 






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