My 2 A.M.s

  • Setting my priorities straight… but not right now

    It’s 2:08 AM… Who would have guessed? It is crazy (and yet still predictable) how many things I find myself doing instead of what needs to be done. Priorities? I have none. Okay, well that’s not all true… I just have different priorities. I’ve sat here for the past two hours ready to write, and…

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  • Sick week: Uni-student edition

    Welcome to University. First rule of University is: Don’t miss the second week of classes. You’ll never recover. Just kidding. But seriously, don’t miss the second week of classes. The ride ahead of you is no fun, trust me. I caught a cold a couple weeks back, and you’d think that it being the first…

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  • Can *anyone* tell me what ‘Communication’ is?

    “I’m majoring in Communication.” “I’m studying Communication.” “I’m in my third year as a Communication student.” The number of times that I’ve been asked what I study is too many to count, and the number of times I’ve responded with one of the lines above is also too many to count. But, can anyone tell…

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