My 2 A.M.s

  • I’m sorry, but no more snow please

    Let me tell you about the snow we have in BC right now: it is outrageous. Yes, it’s winter and all, but I cannot deal with it right now.  It’s way too early in the morning—two A.M. early, of course—and the snow will not let me sleep.  Not only is it the fear of me…

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  • Time to focus

    So the other week, I spent a good number of hours doing anything but my homework. And something I didn’t get around to mentioning (because I was too tired to even bother) was that attempted to deep clean my phone. Cleaning up my camera roll was step one, and then clearing my home screen of…

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  • ‘Reading Break’: The calm before the storm

    I wrote my first in-person essay exam this past week (and my only midterm exam of this term thank goodness) and now I don’t know what to do. The entire weekend leading up to the exam was straight study, study, study. Next week is ‘Reading Break’ and I feel like I have nothing else to…

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