Process Posts

  • Process Post #9: Yum, digital breadcrumbs

    For content creators, you could say that analytics are the key to knowing and growing your audience. But for the audience? Well, that’s a different subject. For audience members, analytics means that our every movement, action, and choice is tracked. Pod Academy (2016) notes that most, if not all, the applications we use require our…

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  • ChatGPT and the classroom: Are you in or are you out?

    It’s March 2023—almost a full three months into the year—and it seems like every academic and student (and their dog) has brought up artificial intelligence (AI) in their conversations and discussions. Whether it be in the form of chatbots, facial recognition, or smart assistants, artificial intelligence, or AI, has formed a strong presence in today’s…

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  • Process Post #8: Two A.M. Thoughts: AI-generated edition

    ChatGPT comes up in discussion with almost every class I go to, every instructor I talk to, and every conversation I have with someone. Though to be completely honest, I’ve never used it before. I’ve only seen and heard what it can do through others. So, what is it? What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is an…

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